Gorilla Playsets PlayZeeBo review

Gorilla Playsets PlayZeeBoNot a first of its kind, but definitely a good find, the Gorilla Playsets PlayZeeBo is the perfect sandbox for your kids. Make the kids feel as if they were at the beach, with this big play set, that kids will surely love!

Though it does not come with buckets, shovels and other toys to play with on the sand, you can buy a set for a minimal price to go with it.

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The PlayZeeBo has a shipping weight of 75 lbs, and is recommended for children 5 years and older. But who says toddlers can’t play on it, too? It’s big enough that even mom and dad can fit just fine!


  • Gazebo shape
    • A perfect set to place in the yard that even parents would find it adorable.
  • Multi-colored polyester roof that is water and fire resistant
    • One of the most important things parents think about when kids are playing outdoors is protection from the sun. This cute roof will block UV rays for majority of the day. And it’s resistant to fire!
  • Comes with all required lumber materials that are pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-drilled
    • All wooden materials are durable and resistant to elements, decay and rot.
  • Custom cover for the sandbox with velcro attachments
  • 64” in height, 60.4” in diameter and 7” in depth
    • Big enough to fit several children at once, and deep enough to hold lots and lots of sand.

How to assemble the Gorilla Playsets PlayZeeBo?

The product may look really easy to build or set up, but alas, it isn’t. There are literally hundreds of different screws and pieces, and the help of a professional is a must. A lot of people complain about the difficulty in assembling their play sets, that the manufacturer has included a feature on their website that allows you to look for a professional installer in your area.

Another issue that a lot of people complain about is the lack of text in the instruction manual which only has 3D illustrations of the step by step procedure in screwing this into that. The presence of an owner’s manual doesn’t seem to be of any help as well. Calling a professional may be the best way to go.

Also, it is helpful to know that the sandbox can hold up to 10 bags of sand at 50 lbs apiece.

Proper care for the PlayZeeBo

As with any other wood furniture, the Gorilla Playsets PlayZeeBo must be taken care of by regularly wiping and cleaning the wood, especially after it has rained. Using a slightly damp cloth to wipe the wooden surfaces would be a good idea, apart from simply dusting, to avoid dust build up.

A good tip from a reviewer on Amazon said that you can place something underneath the sandbox’s cover to prop the middle part up in order to let water run off of it when it rains. It will create puddles on the side; but it is still better than having a big puddle of rainwater sitting in the middle, which will be a lot harder to clean up.

Lastly, if it is possible, keep the PlayZeeBo in the garage or any other covered area when the weather is too harsh, and replace the sand every few months.

User Reviews

I am very persnickety and have a number of requirements for a sandbox which I wanted for my 2 kids. It had to be big enough for both my kids, but not too big to take up so much space, and it had to have a cover. This sandbox came with a cute, colorful roof that provides shade, which was a really nice extra to have. It’s perfect for our backyard. I am really happy with this sandbox and would definitely recommend it to anyone!
– from TeaHoneyHollow

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