Top Sandboxes with Canopy to Buy For Your Children

Protect your children from the excess heat of the sun as they play outdoors during the summers in their sandbox. A sandbox provides unlimited fun and will keep your children busy hours at an end. There are endless ways to play with the sand. The children can play with their huge collection of sand and beach toys or build imaginative houses and sand castles.

As they play along with other children, it helps them to develop their social and interpersonal skills and also encourages imaginative play.

However, as they play for so many hours outdoors, the only concern for parents is the protection from excess heat and sun which can be dangerous for them especially their skin. The UV radiation of the sun can lead to sun burns. If your child is one of those kids who love playing with sand, then maybe you need more protection for them as they play for endless hours outdoors.

Benefits of sandboxes with canopy

For this, a sandbox with canopy is very beneficial and will help you a lot in protecting your kids from the extreme sunlight.

These canopies protect the children from UV radiation and from direct exposure to the sun. They give cool shade to your children so they can play for many hours outside and remain busy without you having to worry about them.

It will also protect the sandbox and increase its lifetime especially if it is made of plastic since it can fade in extreme sunlight. A wooden sandbox will also get more protection with a canopy since it can be protected from extreme weather.


Popular Sandboxes with canopy

There are plenty of options to choose from if you want a canopied sandpit. Below are some of the top sandboxes with canopy.

4×4 Outdoor Sandbox by KidKraft

This sandbox with canopy is perfect if you want a large sandbox that can allow multiple children to play in it. The edges serve as convenient seating for children. It comes with a mesh cover to protect the sandbox from the weather and pets.

Play Wonder Sandbox with Canopy

This adorable sandbox with canopy, large enough to allow multiple children to play, will surely attract the children. It includes a cover as well.

For Kids Only, Inc. Outdoor Sandbox with Canopy

This wooden sandbox is very large and can accommodate many children to play in it. However, it doesn’t come with a cover (you can buy one or make your own) but includes some sand toys with it.

Big Top Sandbox by KidKraft

This sandbox with canopy comes with a mesh cover, 2 storage bench and convenient seating for children. It is large enough to allow multiple children to play in it.

KidKraft Pirate Sandboat

The pirate themed sandbox is sure to delight children. The canopy protects the sandbox and the children from sun. It has two storage compartments and a steering wheel for more excitement.

Gorilla Playsets PlayZeeBo

This wooden sandbox comes with a polyester cover that protects the children from harmful UV rays. It also includes a custom cover that keeps the sandbox clean and free of debris and pets.