Top Sand Toys to add in the Sandbox

A sandbox in your backyard is a great activity center for the kids. Kids particularly love to play with the sand. How many times have you seen your child picking on dirt in your backyard? Well, that is because these children have a special liking for sand and they would simply love to play and get dirty. When you complement the sandbox with dozens of sand toys, it becomes even more exciting to play there and your children will never get bored at home. Having many different types of sand toys means your children will have endless types of activities to indulge in.

Sand toys are of different types. Although the beach set consisting of buckets and shovels are the most common, these are not the only kind. You can have different kinds of sand toys like construction vehicles, sand molding sets, sand cooking sets, and much more.

Beach set

Beach set by vintage sports cards

This beach set includes a watering can, shovel- sieve, 2 sand molds, a spade and a rake. It is packed in a reusable zippered bag for easy storage of the toys.

Small World Sand & Water Toys

It includes a bucket, shovel and a sieve. The toys are of very high quality and are durable.

SW Express Deluxe Beach Set by Small World Toys

This beach set includes a plastic bucket with two handles, a spout, sand mold, rake, shovel and a sieve.

Beach Toy Deluxe Set – 10 pieces including Sand Wheelbarrow

This deluxe beach set has 10 pieces which will keep the children busy for hours. The wheelbarrow will certainly delight them. It includes sand molds too.

Sand vehicles

Beach Builders Sand Vehicles

This fun sand vehicle, sold as one vehicle only, will delight your child and make him busy for many hours in the sandbox.

Moon Sand Construction Sky Crane Set

This package includes a dump truck, crane, wrecking ball and molds. This one is sure to delight young explorers.

Express Vehicles Dump Truck

Play lots of games with this good quality, durable dump truck. Load the truck and then lift it to dump the load. It will give lots of fun in the sandbox.

International Playthings Sandmill Dump Truck Set

This is the best dump truck set made of the sandbox. It includes two buckets, dump truck, spinner wheel, shovel and rake.

Sand molding sets

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand-Molding Set

This marine themed sand molding set provides unlimited fun to the children as they mold the sand into one of their favorite sea animals. They can be easily stored in the big turtle shell.

There are many other sand toys to let the children enjoy in endless activities in the sand. Make sure your children never get bored with their sandbox by buying them a new set of sand toys. There are sand cooking sets, baking sets, cupcake sets and even ice creams sets in which you make everything made of sand. These will definitely delight the young explorers and encourage imaginative play.