Step2 Naturally Playful Summertime Play center review

As one of the best summer toys for little kids, Step2 Naturally Playful Summertime Play center will let your kids enjoy the hours of summer fun in your backyard. Equipped with an umbrella, it also has 2 shovels and 2 pots while the sandbox itself will hold up to four children. It features build-in picnic table and the sandbox with 2 additional seats on its sides that will add more fun when the kids have their most imaginative role play.

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This durable and well made sandbox will let your kids have their great time. It will be the perfect Play center to complete their summer holiday.

Recommended Age: This Step 2 summertime Play center is recommended for kids of 2 – 8 years old.

Maximum Weight: This play center fits up to 4 kids (within the recommended age range); however, even 2 older kids will fit in it.

Key Features:

  • It has one big sandbox which holds up to 200 lbs. of sand
  • The sandbox comes with a lid (simply cover the sand when the playtime over) to keep out pets and debris
  • One built-in picnic table besides the sandbox fits up to four children at a time
  • Features two additional seats on sandbox
  • It comes with removable 5′ umbrella (the color may vary) to let the kids have shaded play and protect them from the UV rays
  • Includes 2 shovels and 2 pots to add more fun

How to Assemble Step2 Naturally Playful Summertime Play center?


Just like any other toys, this Step2 Naturally Playful Summertime Play center package comes with the assembly manual. It comes with the box as a written manual or you can download it from Step 2 official web.

It needs adult assembly to get this thing ready for playtime. The manual comes in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. It has many pictures that will show you step by step assembling from the very beginning until it’s ready to use, but it has less text than any common assembly manual.

This sandbox is pretty easy to assemble. The direction is very clear, concise, and intuitive. Most customers found no problem with the assembly. It takes less than half an hour to assemble. If you assemble many toys often, you can do it without reading the instruction. All you need is just Philips Screwdriver (the Electric one is preferable) and 10 1-7/8” Washer Head Screws (included in the box).All you have to do is just having everything bolted together securely then simply put the umbrella and add the sand.


Maximize the lid function

Although this sandbox play center has a lid to cover it, some user still find that it gets water inside and sometimes it makes the sand nasty after a while. You may search some direction about how to sanitize the sandbox on the internet and you can clean it out.

The lid isn’t very secure. Some customer found that it may blow off on a windy day, but if it’s locked somehow, it’ll be great. You can lean a deck chair against it, when you have an awful storm or heavy rain so that it won’t blow off. You can also drill two holes and use bungee cord to keep it closed. It’ll only cost you less than $10. You might have to pay more attention if you have pets in your house. They could use it as a bathroom if you don’t close the sandbox while it’s not in use.


Using the Sandbox as a pool

This is interesting. You can use this sandbox as a pool. It has a stopper in the bottom, so the water won’t leak out. Equipped with the umbrella, it will protect your kids’ skin from burning while they’re having some fun playing in the water.

If you want to put the sand back in this sandbox, make sure that you clean and have it totally dry, so it won’t get nasty while your kids are playing with the sand.


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