Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center

If you are finding that your child loves to play with sand and water, then the Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center will keep them occupied with fun and imaginative play.

The set includes an eight piece accessory set that has an umbrella, a shovel, pots to play with, bridges and boats. There are two separate sections which are to hold two gallons of water and 20 lbs of sand, a durable cover and an umbrella for shaded play and to enhance the fun your children and their friends have with this activity center.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Activity Center

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Product Features

  • The set comes in natural colors and is constructed of molded components made of high-density polyethylene which are in a wood crafted style.
  • It has two separate sections to use, one can contain 2 gallons of water and the other can contain up to 20 lbs of sand, which are not included with the purchase of the set.
  • It includes an umbrella which you can put up for shaded play and not risk your child getting sun-burnt whilst they are using it.
  • The activity center also has a durable cover which has a molded runway on it that you can put on when not in use, so as to protect the sand from the rain and other elements. The lid also has an elastic band that you can tie down on either end so the lid will not blow open with strong winds.
  • It comes with a great eight piece accessory set that includes and umbrella, a shovel, pots, bridges and boats that you child can use whilst playing in the sand and water.
  • It has a convenient drain plug to enable easy draining.
  • It requires minimal adult assembly.
  • You can detach the legs so it can be put on a table-top.

There is a 12 month guarantee with the purchase. With the lid, it measures 52.7 x 117.5 x 66.1cm. Without the lid, it measures 46.4 x 117.5 x 66.1cm. It is suitable for children aged 2 years and older.

How to construct the Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center?

The activity center comes with very thorough and organized instructions which will guide you through the steps to put it together, just ensure you do not miss steps as you work your way through. It will take about 10 minutes to assemble.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Activity Center

With a very sturdy design, it will withstand your child and their friends playing with it. It is designed to last a good number of years with it being low enough for a toddler but high enough for a 5 year old to enjoy as well. There is no need to use screwdrivers as the parts are designed to fit together.

In order to fill the sand section, be prepared to use one bag of playground sand.
It will hold up to 20lbs of sand at any one time. Take care as to what sand you purchase for the sand section, as there are some bags of play sand that may not be suitable. Always read the label prior to purchase.

Some users have experimented by using other resources other than sand, such as dried beans or rice which works just as well, especially in winter.

Making the most out of this Step2 sand and water activity table

When your child has been using it outside, make sure you put it away afterwards as it is not designed to be left to the wind and rain, as the umbrella is merely there as a protection from the sun.

When using the activity center, it is inevitable that children will mix up the sand and the water so be prepared for this to happen. If you don’t want the two elements mixed up, then some users have applied one use for the table at a time, so for one day it is water play and for another it is sand play.

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