Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand Table review

Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand TableWhen it comes to playgrounds, apart from slides and swings, all children love playing in the sandbox. Not only can they safely play a lot of games with their friends in there, they can also dig in the sand and even build cool sand castles and other sand sculptures. Now, while bringing a playground in your back yard or garden is kinda hard, although not impossible, bringing a sandbox is really easy and it is in fact very popular, as evidenced by the wide variety of “home sandboxes” that are available on the market.

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In this review, we will take a look at one of the most popular products, the Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand Table. What makes this sandbox truly unique is the fact that it is made entirely out of plastic and shaped like a table, which means that your kid won’t have to sit or crawl on the ground in order to play.

Great for kids aged between 2 and 4 years old.

Key features:

  • The Naturally Playful Sand Table features a unique and innovative design: it is shaped like a table and it is elevated, which means that your child won’t have to squat down. The height of the table is also ideal for toddlers.
  • It comes with a specially designed lid that will keep the rain and various animals, from pets to stray dogs and cats to insects and reptiles, away from the sand inside, making sure that it will always be clean and safe for your child to play with. The lid is also equipped with specially designed elastic tie downs that will make sure that it closes as securely as possible.
  • Unlike other sandboxes, this one comes with many toys included in the package, such as 2 shovels, 2 claw rakes and a bucket. More than enough for your kids and their friends to share and play with.
  • The lid features some specially designed and molded in roadways that will provide your kids with even more hours of imaginative play and games.
  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 26 x 36 inches.
  • It weighs about 16.1 pounds when empty and it can accommodate about 80 pounds worth of sand.

How to assemble the Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand Table:


Since it is made entirely out of plastic, the Naturally Playful Sand Table by Step 2 is extremely easy to assemble. It consists of very few and very large parts that effortlessly fit together to create the unique elevated table design that this product is famous for.

You won’t need any power tools or anything like that, just follow the simple instructions and you’ll be done in a matter of minutes. Please note that the package doesn’t include any sand, so you’ll have to buy your own. You can find sandbox sand in all hardware stores; just remember to ask specifically for it.

If you want to make doubly sure that you got the right kind of sand, its bag or container should state that it’s completely free of Silica.


Consumer concerns:

Although everybody seems to love the Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand Table, some consumers do have some very minor complaints to make. The first is that rain water can sometimes get through the holes made for the tie downs. You can easily solve this by filling the holes with some silicon. Another issue that some people reported is the fact that the table may be too short for some kids; this can be solved by putting a milk crate or something similar under the legs of the table, to give it a little boost.

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