Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox review

Those home sand pits have become really popular over the past few years and kids all over the world have fallen in love with them. In this review, we will take a look at one of the most popular models, the Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox. It is made out of plastic, which not only makes it easy to set up, it also makes it very practical.

Great for children aged between one and eight years old.

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Key Features:

  • This amazing sandbox is made entirely out of plastic, which makes it really lightweight, when not filled with sand that is, and easy to set up or move around. You simply pick it up and move it, anywhere you like.
  • It comes with a specially designed lid that will close over the sand to protect it from the weather and the rain. It will also make sure that the sand won’t be disturbed by animals, be they pets or strays.
  • It can support up to a whopping 300 lbs of sand, making it perfect for your children to play or make sand castles and other cool stuff in it.
  • Unlike other sand pits, this one is shaped like a cute looking, cartoon crab. Not only will it look nice in your garden or back yard, but its “claws” also double as seats for your kids to sit on while playing.
  • Dimensions: 47.5 x 47 x 16 inches. It weighs about 28 pounds.

How to assemble the Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox:

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Crabbie sandbox is the ease with which it can be assembled and set up. It pretty much comes already assembled, all you have to do is attach the protective lid, which is shaped like a crab’s shell and fill it with sand. You won’t have to use any power tools, and since it’s made out of plastic, all of its components are extremely lightweight, so you won’t even need someone to help you carry them. Please note that sand is not included in the package, so you’ll have to buy some yourself. You should be able to find sand in most hardware stores, just remember to say that you need it for a sand pit for your kids, to make sure that you’ll get the right kind of sand.

Consumer concerns:

Although the Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox has gotten some overall excellent reviews, some owners do have a couple of complaints. Some parents report that the lid won’t seal, which means that although it effectively keeps all animals out, including cats and dogs, some small bugs can still make their way into it. This problem is easily solved by using some elastic cables to make the lid close tighter. Another rather common complaint seems to be the fact that pretty strong winds can cause the lid to open. The solution to this problem is the same as for the previous one: just use some cables or something similar to make the lid close more tightly.

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