Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand & Water Table review

The Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand & Water Table is a great replacement for your ordinary sandbox. It has both a sandbox and water table that will surely provide endless hours of fun. It is elevated so that kids get to stand and walk around the table while playing, and it keeps them sand-free!

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The manufacturer’s recommended age is from 2 to 6 years. Several moms claim, though, that the table is much too low for children 5 years and older. Several children can huddle around and join in the fun and help each other build and haul sand here and there.



  • A crane, semi and dump trucks, a bridge and boat for interactive fun
  • Large umbrella to help shield kids from the sun
  • Lids that protect from dirt and other elements, and provide an additional play surface
  • Can hold up to 50 lbs of sand and 2 gallons of water

How to assemble the Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand & Water Table?

The Builder’s Bay Sand & Water Table set is very easy to set up, as the parts are relatively big and an instruction manual comes with the package. Instructions are also available online on the manufacturer’s website.

Some people would suggest using a power screwdriver or a drill for easier installation of the screws, as there aren’t pre-drilled holes like many people complain about. Nonetheless, the help of a handyman or another person during setup won’t be necessary. You can even have your kids help in the process.

Some helpful tips

There are a few common concerns that people complain about when it comes to the Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand & Water Table. The following are the most common, and some useful tips to deal with them:

  • The lids do not hold well enough to prevent water from mixing with the sand
    • Most would say that the elastic ties begin to wear down after a few months of purchasing the set and would become too stretched that it no longer holds the lids well. The only logical solution would be to keep in indoors or anywhere covered on a rainy day.
  • Umbrella is quite flimsy and doesn’t have a strap to hold it close
    • While not everyone share the same view about the umbrella, it is suggested to have it anchored down in order to keep it in place if it gets too windy. You may also want to try replacing it with a much sturdier umbrella, much like the ones used at the beach, if need be.
  • Albeit the separate containers for water and sand, it can get pretty messy
    • Well, there’s really not much you can do about this since kids are the ones playing. They really would get sand and water mixed together. So long as the kids are having fun, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.
  • The crane can be a little hard to use for a kid
    • It would be best to join the kids while playing. For one, supervision is necessary lest the little ones start eating sand or the water. But also, it would be a happier playtime for kids if parents play with them. This way, an adult or anyone older than the kids would be able to help in operating the crane, as it may turn out to be delicate and can easily break if not used with care.

What real Users are saying

A very durable product which is also really easy to set up. The fact that it does not hold that much sand makes it easier to scoop the sand out and put more in whenever the sand gets yucky – and that means it is cheap to fill. This was our gift for our son’s 3rd birthday, and he absolutely loves it! He loves putting his boats on the water, and makes them go around using the dial for the current. He and my daughter have plenty of room to play, and it has been their favorite toy for over 3 months now.

– by anniemom 

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