KidKraft Backyard Sandbox review

Great for summers, KidKraft Backyard Sandbox, made of high quality sanmu wood, is a perfect backyard equipment that provides countless hours of fun outdoors and encourages imaginative play as children build sandcastles, dig for treasure and play with their huge collection of sand toys.


You don’t have to take your children to the beach to let them play with their sand toys; this sandbox will provide a perfect abode for the children to play with them, right in your backyard. There are countless ways a child can play in this sandbox. Parents will just love to watch them play and have unlimited fun while not even leaving the house. It is a great toy to get your backyard ready for summer splurge and give your children something to get occupied during the summer holiday.

This KidKraft Backyard Sandbox will amuse children aged 3 and up. However, even the toddlers will get really attracted to the sand and dirt and would like to get themselves dirty. However, supervision is needed for toddlers to ensure they don’t eat the sand.

This sandbox is large enough to accommodate multiple children at once. It comes with a very convenient design with built in seats which allows the kids to seat comfortably while they play in the sand. The mesh cover is also very useful in keeping the sandbox clean from debris and insects when it is not in use.


  • Smart and solid construction and design with corners that double to provide comfortable seating
  • Includes mesh cover for use when the sandbox is not in use to protect it from getting plagued with debris and insects
  • Measures 60” x 60” x 8.5” which is large enough to allow multiple children to play at once
  • Wooden panels are reinforced to make it resistant to warping and weathering
  • Made of high quality sanmu wood
  • Uses about 28 bags of sand to fill it up

How to assemble KidKraft Backyard Sandbox?

Assembling is not a problem at all. The package has detailed step by step guidelines for assembling. A person can easily assemble it in 2 hours at most. The design is simple and so it isn’t a complicated task to assemble it. However, it may require the use of tools like screw drivers.

All other parts and hardware is included in the package. It doesn’t, however, include sand bags so a user will have to buy them separately and throw the sand in to fill it up.


Maintenance tips for KidKraft Backyard Sandbox

To maintain the equipment, it is important to clean it regularly. To keep the sand clean of insects and debris, change the sand every now and then. Also, ensure that you cover the sandbox with the mesh cover when not in use otherwise it might attract stray cats or dogs which can make it dirty.

Use a cloth to lay down beneath the sandbox since it doesn’t come with a floor. You can also put a wooden panel underneath if you have one. This would give more protection to the equipment and will also keep it clean.

In any extreme weather conditions, cover the sandbox with a plastic cover to protect the wood from decaying to make the equipment last longer.

User review

“It is really the best equipment that I every bought for my children. I am very happy to see my children indulge in imaginative play and have fun for countless hours. Even my toddler can’t resist it and I am happy that she has also gotten busy instead of tailgating me for the whole day.”

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