KidKraft 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox review

If you want a sandbox that is simple, small enough to move around and cheap, then the KidKraft 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox is the right choice. It’s the perfect size for your backyard, and big enough for a few small kids to play together. Kids can play treasure hunt, build sandcastles or just dig and haul sand around.

The 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox is recommended for kids age 2 to 8 years. For just a little over $60 (on Amazon), this sandbox has a shipping weight of 5.6 lbs and dimensions of 44.3 x 44.3 x 55.5 inches.



  • Reinforced wooden panels around the sandbox that kids and adults alike can sit on
  • Made of weather-resistant wood
  • Canopy that provides shade on a hot summer day
  • Comes with a mesh cover
  • Durable construction
  • With detailed instructions

How to assemble the KidKraft 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox?

Even just by looking at the photos of the 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox on the internet and instruction manual, you could say that it is very easy to assemble. With its light weight, a single adult can very well manage the set up by himself. Just follow all the steps in the included instruction manual.

Note, though, that this sandbox does not have a bottom cover, so you might want to consider and reconsider where to put it. You can probably put it somewhere you know you’ll keep it at for a long time, if you do not want to keep putting the sand back in bags to pour into the sandbox after moving it. The 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox can hold up to 7 x 50lbs bags of sand.


KidKraft 4×4 Outdoor Sandbox helpful tips

  • Place or attach a sheet of plywood or any other material under the sandbox.

The most common issue that users share about this product is that it doesn’t have a bottom cover, which tends to scatter the sand. Attaching a custom cover will keep the sand intact.

  • Cover the upper part of the sandbox with a tarp.

Another issue is that of the provided mesh cover. This, obviously, will not keep water out, so you might want to have a cover for the sandbox that is made of plastic. Anything you can find in the house or garage that could make for a good cover would be ideal.

  • Always check the sand before letting the kids play

You never know what could be hiding in the sand, so it’s better to check for any tiny foreign objects that may cause injury. Critters may also crawl into the sandbox despite the cover, so you might want to check for those, too.

  • Regularly replace the sand

If you are confident that you have made a good cover for the sandbox, then there probably is no need to replace the sand. But just to be on the safe side, replacing the sand every year or so would be good.

User Reviews

This sandbox may look small, but it is actually big enough for my two kids to play in. It’s of an ideal size that it doesn’t take up all the space on the patio. In the morning, the awning does its job of providing shade for the children, and stays tied on despite the strong winds we have here. If you are looking for a sandbox for your kids, I would recommend getting this one.

– by SuperBusyMom

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